About the study

Engineering Techology (BSc) 

Engineering technology is a multidisciplinary and practical 210 ECTS credit program that gives the right to apply for a registered professional title of Chartered Engineer (Tæknifræðingur).

In the study, students should acquire robust technical knowledge alongside the ability to apply it to real-life projects and can actively participate in innovation and technological development.

We offer two fields of study:

  • Mechatronic Engineering (BSc) where students learn to design and build electronic and computer-controlled equipment to improve the daily quality of life of people and to increase savings and efficiency in business operations.
  • Processing Engineering (BSc) for the chemical and biotechnology industries where students learn the chemical and biotechnology process in parallel with the knowledge needed to design the corresponding production processes.


We can also offer 90 ECTS credit diploma at the undergraduate level which can suit people who want to study alongside work:

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